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President speech

President made a speech
Zhejiang JinFeng Textile Machinery Co., Ltd is a key enterprise engaged in development of high-end textile equipments. JinFeng alway adhered to scientific development and regarded scientific innovation as the guide and the customer requirement as the central in the past 27 years. JinFeng is engaged in textile equipment and special parts to build core industry and forms the development layout of cylinder, nipper assembly,cotton textile metal needle clothing, cotton textile steel ring and cotton combing machine stationary flat series products
During the Eleventh five-year plan, JinFeng has explored the sustainable developmental way with JinFeng characteristic. JinFeng completed in the structural transformation from traditional to high-end, dared to develop and continuous grew and increasingly arose vitality and walked to the new stage of being stronger and better. JinFeng long-term adhere to fulfilling the social responsibility of promoting China textile and grow stronger, make progress harmoniously with the textile enterprise and textile machinery enterprise when JinFeng seeks the self-scientific development.
Take a broad view on the new stage of reform and development during twelfth five-year plan, JinFeng will continue to adhere to the core concept of " honesty, innovation and fight" according to the goal of bright future and scale heights. JinFeng will speed up perfecting the operating management function and fully express the special function, build the competitive advantage of major business textile equipment and special parts in full power, further improve the enterprise core competitive ability and better carrying out the social duty and historical mission of textile equipment enterprise.
Thank you for all the friends who long-tern support and pay attention to JinFeng and expect confronting the future, cooperating in good faith and double-win growth.

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